Sunday, September 6, 2009

Women Writing and Women Dancing--Thrill the World

Looking for something unique? Like to Dance? Want to help a good cause? Want to figure out the best way to remember Michael Jackson but are just not sure how? I spent a few hours on Saturday afternoon learning to dance to the famous Michael Jackson song Thriller: the song that featured zombie dancing in the graveyard. If you came of age in the 80's you must remember where you were when this music video premiered on MTV. Michael Jackson songs, in fact, Thriller, provided the soundtrack to most of my high school years.

My dear friend Alice is rounding up as many of us as she can who are nostalgic for Thriller, zombies, Michael J, and 80's dancing to participate in Thrill the World 2009. The idea is that people from all over the world will gather in an appointed spot in their community to dance to Thriller at the same time. The goal this year is to get 270,000 people to dance the same dance and win a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Anyone can join: kids, parents, zombies, 80s freaks, Michael J look-alikes. There are a few rehearsals between now and October 24th to actually learn the dance. I went to one today, and my kid and I had a great time. Alice knows how to teach the dance and by next week we should have it down.

Here in Bloomington Thrill the World will be a benefit for Middleway House. Participation is free but donations are accepted. We are fortunate to have this award winning and much needed service in our community. It would be great if Women Writing for (a) Change friends and fans would sign up and dance for a great cause.

Come on you know you want to!


  1. This sounds like fun - how many rehearsals does it take to learn it?

  2. Oh, I WANT to do this! Let me check the calendar!