Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had a dream recently, the kind of dream that has me writing about it days later. It was an epic, adventure-style dream. My mother and I guided a tiny canoe on a vast ocean. We accompanied my niece on a dangerous journey. We were negotiating with the gods to keep my niece with us. We eventually won, or shall I say, the gods agreed with us.

What I find most interesting is that my dream-self placed my mother and me to each side of my niece. We were in the position of sentinels. While my sister, the niece’s mother, was missing as an active character in the dream, her place was well-known and respected. This dream was about being a champion for my niece.

My job was clear. I was at the front of the canoe, the warrior-champion. I was in a state of high alert, ready to defend and protect my niece. My mother, wise and strong, sat at the back. She steered and counseled.

The translation of this dream is literal for my role. It’s a nice variation of the maiden/mother/crone circle. Not all of us choose to give birth, but all of us can be warrior-champions for our maidens.

I think of my own maidenhood. I recall several warrior-champions and wise counselors, both male and female. I’m grateful my mother realized that a daughter needs these roles, and that she sometimes needs them from others.

In my present life, I’m struck by how WWF(a)C stands as champion for me. It creates the safe spaces I need. I can only imagine how powerful that would be for a young writer, and I’m grateful WWF(a)C has expanded to serve that population.

Here is what I will be writing for a few days: As a child, who were my champions? How did they help me? When were they missing? As an adult, do I still have these in my life? How can I find them when I need them? How can I be these things for myself? How can I best be a warrior-champion for my niece?

Stephanie, for the Poplar Grove Muse


  1. I have a book you must read. -amy

  2. Stephanie, I loved your dream and your interpretation of it. I think you are the absolute right person for the role of warrior-champion in your niece's life. I wish I had done that for my oldest niece. I had those women in my life as I was growing up and they made a huge difference in my life. And even though some have passed on, they are still positive role models who guide me every day. I have a young woman in my life whom I love and mentor. We sort of adopted each other. Mother & daughter. I have one son and our souls have been around together many times. This young woman fits the role of the daughter I always wanted beautifully. I do my best to mentor with honesty and be a fierce role model for her. I think you can be a fierce role model for your niece and she will shine in her life because of that. Thanks for sharing.