Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello from Portland, OR

Actually a little west of there, but only a letter-writing train ride and a few short blocks away from Powell’s bookstore in downtown.
Life here is full of complicated contrasts. The up-and-outwardness of exploring a new city and coast, the down-and-insideness of feeling my tender and recently-torn roots.

It’s taken me four months to seek out another writing community. I clearly know why – nothing can replace what I had with you.
It’s been easy to ignore my writing practice. The sun has been shining (mostly) all summer and into the fall . I go out and play. Find cool things, go for long bike rides, enjoy nature. I do some writing in my blog and journal. Yet I don’t write with process or ritual and I don’t hear my words back from others. I don’t have the accountability or the support of other women. I even put off the invitation to do a blog update.

This is a happy story, though. The happiness is that I know, deeply, how much the WWF(a)C Bloomington community has touched, and continues to enrich, my life. And with that gift, I tune in to my new home with renewed spirit. I take a risk. I run my first Google search, “women+writing+Portland.” That’s a start, a good start.


  1. Dear Stephaine...

    We miss you too. Thanks for this bitter sweet post. Amy called you in to our Read Around Circle last night. I know it's not the same, but these words, and your presence are felt. Women Writing Portland... it IS a start!

    Love, Beth

  2. Hopeful.We are happy to hear from you. MKP

  3. Stephanie, we miss you so. ~Nancy

  4. Thank you, and I was with you in spirit at the readaround!

  5. As I said in my recent e-mail, we miss you a lot and the classes and read arounds just aren't the same without our Vegetarian Cowgirl. I hope you find a like-spirited writing group soon. They will be lucky to have you.