Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Know Things

I Know Things

For as long as I can remember I’ve known things or seen things. I don’t know how I know them or why I see them. My first experience I can remember with this happened when I was around
eleven years old. The phone rang and before my mother could answer it I said,“Aunt Merle died”. I could tell by Mother’s side of the conversation and the look on her face that I was right. Aunt Merle hadn’t been sick, so it wasn’t something we were expecting. Mother never questioned how I knew that. She also has the same abilities.

In thesummer of 1995 I was in Scotland working at the Isle of Mull Hotel; I was sitting in the staff room having morning tea with my co-workers. One of thehouse maids, named Mary, looked at me and said, “You know things.” I smiled at her and said, “So do you.” “Ach,aye,” she replied as her blue eyes crinkled and we exchanged knowing smiles. I met many such kindred spirits in Scotland, a mystical place where the veil to whatever is on the “other side” is very thin.

On Sunday evening, May 1, 2011, I was sitting in my living room catching up on some TV shows that I had recorded. Suddenly, I felt this wave of euphoric lightness sweep over me, as if the world was lighter. It felt like something bad had left the world. A little later I was on my computer and saw that Osama
bin Laden had been killed and I realized what my earlier feeling of lightness had been about.

That news took me back to Sunday, September 9, 2001. I had gone to bed and was lying on my right side reading. I sensed something and looked over my book toward the corner where my Grandma Wentz’s sewing rocker sat. I saw an African American lady who was all dressed up in a navy blue suit and a big hat; two young boys, also in suits,were sitting in front of her. They looked as though they were posing for a portrait. Then they were gone. I didn’t know what to make of it and eventually got sleepy and turned the light off. That night I dreamt of a long plywood wall with hundreds of photographs on it,
some similar to the family I had seen in my room. Again, I wasn’t sure what it meant and mostly forgot about it.

Two days later, our country was attacked on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. I watched this
all unfold with the rest of the nation. The anger didn’t come right away; I just felt numb and shocked. Then the plywood walls full of photographs of unaccounted for family members and loved ones started appearing on the news. And I realized the meaning of what I had seen.

But why have I been given this ability if what I can see doesn’t make sense at the time or
doesn’t enable me to help anyone? It can be very frustrating. I’m not saying that I could have stopped
9- 11 by telling the CIA that I saw a wall of pictures, but I still wonder what to do with some of the more every day things I see or dream about.

But there are cases when the meaning is quite clear. Many years ago when, a lady who had
been like a mother to me was in St. Vincent’s Hospice dying from cancer, she came to me in a dream and said that if I wanted to see her, I’d better come right away. I went the next day. She was having a good day and we had a wonderful visit. She died the following day. I’ve paid very close attention to
my dreams ever since. I’m starting to do more dream work and am very excited about it.

I would like to work on this ability and develop these skills further. I am able to sense things about people and this helps me to be more empathic. I believe that we have a collective universal connection. I’ve experienced that during a channeled writing workshop. If we could connect on a less superficial level and
be able to understand each other on a deeper soul-level, we might not be so quick to fight each other for domination over things that we don’t we really have the right to control. We could let each other just BE and all breathe a lot easier.

Rebekah for Poplar Grove Muse


  1. This is wonderful Rebekah, thank you!


  2. Rebekah--
    I really enjoyed reading this. I too at times have "known" things--- not as directly as you but still "I knew". There is a "knowing" beyond language. Thank you for sharing!