Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Poem

You have it
I want it
I work hard
You make work look easy
I am searching for answers
You ask all the questions

I’m looking old
You look young
You make me seem small
I give you great power
I feel like a child
You embrace your fading youth

You want more
I have had enough
I have less to lose
You are fearless and daring
I talk and explain my life away
You listen then smile

Then some days everything is reversed

I am on top
You are depressed
I feel invincible
You are defeated
I give and you take
I need and you want
I go and you follow
You love and I am seduced

I’d give a stranger my blood
You give a passer-by a smile
You want to be open but not harmed
I want to be friendly but not the object of unwanted attention
I fear the unbalanced in mind or body
You fear loss of power and strength

Together we can face anything

For all the valentines' tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. I loved this, Carole. A story told very poetically.