Monday, April 2, 2012

Hunger Games

OMG, it has been a while since last wrote for the WWFAC blog. It’s about an every-6-weeks-or-so commitment. Typically I have something in mind, but sitting here I have little in mind. My mind is a blank, good thing, since that white page is a fertile ground for planting a seed of something, anything. OOPS, just learned my scribblings are due tomorrow. OK, what do I have? April Fool's day, yeah, this is a trick on me. 

Went to see THE HUNGER GAMES, entertaining, didn't read the book, know it's Young Adult, so young love abounds combined with bad adults and worst government making many horrid choices for the young ones. The added burden of fighting to the death in a lottery no one wants to win, plus it is for everyone's entertainment. A not-so-hidden message to all of us addicted to any reality show, which continually permeated the movie in a not so subtle manner. Included in the plot were the games' producers' ability to manipulate the intrigue by introducing added problems (fire, weird flesh eating wolf-dogs, different rules) as well as the sponsors' power to magically introduce life-saving pods so the teens could continue the fight for survival just as they were doomed. The poor peasant population stuck in the countryside provided the contestants (called tributes), while the glamorous, wealthy folk in the metropolis seemed to be the larger fan and sponsor base, although hideously dressed. All populations easily allowed this barbarous activity to continue for years (75, I believe) with little revolt, probably because those white guards with guns were everywhere (think storm troopers of STAR WAR fame). I am sure the book gave much more back story.

It was sort of a mix of Rollerball but with killing people. A bit of futuristic MAD MAX or a look at the past, as in GLADIATOR, where everyone did try and kill each other. Even LORD OF THE FLIES was similar but this with both sexes attempting to survive their bad situation.  I was reminded continually of THE LOTTERY, the creepiest thriller ever. The light touch of the barest of humanity from THE ROAD  showed the bleakness of life in such a barren world.  I thought I might want to read the books to understand the current craze but I think I sort of get it. 

They do tell us we keep repackaging the same five stories. 


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