Monday, October 14, 2013

Blueberry Sweet Jam

Why didn’t I tell you

Yes! Absolutely!

            Call me Friday night!

            Call me Saturday night!

                        Call me this very minute!

                        Cause I’d really like to feel your voice

                                    Slide into my ear

                                    And down over my whole body

                                    Like—right now!

I’ve got a little buzz goin on with

Mike’s Harder Cranberry Lemonade

            I’m such an easy drunk

            I mean, this stuff is about as

                        Low as you can get

                        On the alcohol content scale

                                    I’ve only drunk half a can and I’m plum silly

                                    Wish you were here

                                    To cash in on my silly

Been grinnin like a possum eatin persimmons

You wanta know why?

            It’s a sticky sweet story

            If you’ve got time to listen

                        Once upon a time in this very kitchen

                        This very afternoon as a matter of fact

                                    I thought of you while lickin blueberry jam

                                    Off the wooden spoon and spatula

                                    I use to scrape the jam-makin pan

Thought you’d drive like

A bat out of Memphis

            Speed all night and into today

            To be lickin my homemade blueberry jam

                        I cooked up three pints

                        Of this pure purple pleasure

                                    One quart of blueberries

                                    Four cups of sugar

                                    And a package of Sure-Jell magic


I’d like for you to be my

Blueberry Sugar Sure-Jell magic right about now!

            I’d lick you off the spoon

            The spatula, the pan, and open up

                        That still warm jar of blueberry jam

                        And eat you by the tongue-fulls!

                                    Stick my fingers one at a time down in the jar

                                    And suck your blueberry jam sweet stickiness

                                    Off my fingers!

Spread you on a piece of toast

And gobble you right down!

            Whoa! I’m feelin this

            Mike’s Harder Cranberry Lemonade

                        Like nobody’s got a right to feel it

                        From this silly grin on my face

                                    Clear down to the pit of my belly

                                    And achin between my legs

                                    Can’t explain it quite

The blueberries, the sugar, the Sure-Jell

The Mike’s Harder Cranberry Lemonade

            I feel more like a vixen

            Than a jam-makin mama

                        And I sure do wish I’d said

                        Yes! Call me for God’s sake!

                                    Caress my ache with your tender voice

                                    And lick the blueberry sweet jam

                                    Out of my bowl right now!

 Glenda for the Poplar Grove Muse



  1. Wow! Just Wow! I love this, it just prances!

  2. Glenda, I can so hear your voice in my head. You have a magical way with words, madam!

  3. Classic Glenda! Love it. MKP