Monday, March 24, 2014

A Picture Can be Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture Can be Worth a Thousand Words

I have had the good fortune of discovering a group of word loving photographers that enjoy sharing their work and their creative processes, via Facebook. I look forward to this daily “Photo Challenge" that helps me look at words and pictures in a whole new way.

In this challenge, a word or phrase is assigned to each day of the month.  The object is to share a photograph that you feel represents your visual interpretation of that word.  The process makes you think about your perception of the word and why that word triggers a particular memory or association.  What is even more interesting is seeing how others perceive the same prompt.

Following are some of the photos that I chose to share with the group and some of my thought processes in choosing that specific picture.

Photo Challenge February 21-Tiny
This is a tiny hummingbird, perched on the trellis while he surveys his kingdom.

I chose this picture because when I heard the word “tiny” I thought of this little guy. He was the tiniest of all the hummingbirds last year but the bravest, he protect his feeders from all intruders.

In March, it happened that we ended up with two words for each day.  We could use just one, both separately, or for an extra challenge use both words as a prompt of one picture.  

Photo Challenge March 10-Fantastic realities
Sue, the t-rex at the Field museum in Chicago is a, fantastic reality.

For March 10, I decided to go with just one of the prompts, “fantastic reality” because this phrase made me think immediately of dinosaurs. It is hard for us to imagine such creatures ever existing but the reality is, they did, and are fascinating.  Who better to represent them then, Sue?     

Photo Challenge March 18-Minimum~A shape 
I can barely see the SHAPE of this cat. It was showing the MINIMUM amount of itself to me as I walked by. 

During a walk on March 18th I took this picture of a cat hiding behind a bush. It seemed to fit the two prompts for that day.  It was showing the smallest amount of itself, while still keeping an eye on me.  The cat is a very distinct but hidden shape in the picture’s center.

Photo Challenge march 20-Blue~landscape
This is a picture of a mockingbird (I think) set in a blue skyscape. Reaching a little there but this is one of my favorite pictures so I wanted to use it

When I think of blue, this picture comes to mind.  I like the blue of the bulbs against blue of the sky. It is a skyscape rather than a landscape but I felt it suited the meaning of the two prompts together.

Photo Challenge March 17- Old~lucky
This OLD pocket watch belonged to my husband's grandfather and the OLD chain and fob belonged to my grandfather. What a LUCKY, happenstance we were able to put the two together.

The last picture I would like to share is the one from March 17th.  I was having a hard time with these two prompts.  As I gazed around the room I had been sitting most of the day, this vignette suddenly presented itself. It was the perfect marriage of the two words. 

The people that participate in this challenge are an interesting, diverse and talented group of people, from all over the country.  They offer insightful comments are endlessly supportive and enthusiastic. We share our love for words and photography.  What a joy it is when we can combine the two.

Diana, for the Poplar Grove Muse

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  1. Love this combination of media and the creativity the challenges spark. I've seen fleeting examples of this internet challenge, but didn't really understand the whole concept. Thanks for sharing! MKP