Sunday, January 11, 2015

Embracing Life

Embracing Life

Today, this day, I can embrace 
every abundance 
large and small
thanks to the things
I've shed.

Like leaves falling one at a time
from an autumn tree, 
I have walked through 
this life shedding,
as each season desired,
what no longer made sense
for me to carry.

My burdens growing lighter 
with each passing year.
Why carry hurts 
and if-onlies?

Who needs 
 to strap bitterness
to her back and carry it around
until she is crushed 
from the weight of it?

Not the me, 
 I am in this moment.
I no longer keep walking 
into the same wall,
receiving the same wounds. 

I no longer loop around and around
until I'm dizzy from
getting nowhere.

I can walk with my back straight,
my neck craned to get a glimpse
of what adventure is around
the next corner.

Rebekah for the Poplar Grove Muse

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