Sunday, March 8, 2015

What a Gift!

Voluptuous body filled out
every square inch
of her sweater and jeans.
Red raspberry lipstick
begged for a kiss,
juicy on full luscious lips.
The caramel skinned mama
was decked out as sexy
as prison rules would allow.

She had an easy way
with her curly haired toddler,
laughed and made playful games
of prison inconvenience:
“Hop up here, baby!
“Hold on to Tigger!
“One, two....three!”
She jumped her
from floor to counter top—
the four foot high partition
dividing visitors
from guards.

Her manicured fingers
glittered silver and blue
as she gently screwed backs
from tiny gold hoops
that pierced her daughter's
perfect butter bean ears.
“No hurry, baby.
“You're being so patient.
“There, that does it.
“Whee! Jump back down!”

Milk chocolate skin,
dark chocolate eyes,
delightful gourmet confection
dressed up in rainbow colors,
fancy yellow bow
flared out at the back—
the lively child charmed everyone
with her innocent smile
as she skipped and sang
in her own little world.

Mama stowed miniature earrings
and her own dazzling jewels
in a gray metal locker
with purse, sunglasses, and keys.
When her daughter kissed Tigger
and laid him on top,
I blinked back tears.
And when she slammed the locker door
with a jolting “Clang!”—
everyone laughed,
even the guards.
“Okay, strong girl,
“let's go see Daddy!”

Spread-eagle frisked
and metal detector scanned,
we parted ways
after passing through
two more check-point gates.
 “He's going to be one happy papa!”
I called.
She nodded and smiled,
eyes bright, full of love,
full of confidence and pride
as she carried her beauty
 and her baby
through the caged-in walk
  toward the man inside. 

                                                            Glenda Breeden
                                                                 February  2015

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