Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Am Gannet

Photo: Seabirds /VisitScotland

I Am Gannet

I am gannet, seabird,
soaring with my gray,
white and yellow-feathered body
off the volcanic shore of Iona.
The sparkling waters
in Martyrs Bay
tempt and tease me
as they race over
their bounty 
hidden deep below the surface.

I climb skyward high
over the bouncing waves
as they strive for shore.
Now. Turn. Spiral.
Beak first, speeding straight down
wings sleek along my body,

Capture one shiny silver fish.
Burst up through the waves.
Slowly and steadily I balance
on top of the water. One gulp.
Fish gone, sustenance begins.
As Im being nourished
rich nutrients coursing through me,
my mind clears, my eyesight sharpens

I open my beak to call out gratitude.

Rebekah for The Poplar Grove Muse

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