Sunday, August 16, 2015


Spirals, no discernible beginning, no apparent ending. I like to go through life turning upward and outward, fast and slow. Each turn a new vantage point, a new perspective to be taken or left behind. The Grouse is the symbol of the spiral in my Native American medicine cards. The dance of life. The macro of the constant motion of our universe. The micro of the Sufi dancers, swirling themselves into altered states. 

Spirals quest, they seek, like our journey on earth. Their lessons seem limitless to me. I don’t feel boxed in by their form, only bound by my self-imposed restrictions and fears that can stop all movement, cell growth and learning. 

The freedom of the dance can move me to a place where it’s safe to be still, to listen, to rest and to tap into the pulse of the universe where I feel connected to other spirits on our journey as we walk the spiral of life’s labyrinth together. 

Rebekah Spivey for the Poplar Grove Muse

Photos: Pixabay

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