Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tones of Home

Written upon return from the Ghost Ranch Retreat, November 2014

I am home again as a traveler with few words
to write, essence of place like blanket of
skin – burns and keeps us in.
Bloomington, IN light mint green,
nothing audacious, or brilliant
nothing repulsive….
The hue mint, light on spectrum but
hardly perceptible as tone. 
Except to those who’ve come and gone.

Bloomington, IN light mint green,
not like violet Salt Spring, red-orange
Abiquiu, gold Ashland.
I wear a mint green cloak,
but see the vermillion
of my death.  Like deciduous
transformation, revelatory.

When I fall,
scatter my ashes in the sand,
return me to rest with the burnt
umber and sage -with Christ
in the desert.

Until then,
You’ll find me sipping peppermint tea
in a green tinted window.

Allison for PGM

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