Monday, September 16, 2013

Life Hungering for Itself

In this gift of sheltering I will find
that my hunger is life hungering for itself
and that I can trust that hunger, receive it
as my truth, as myself.---From the poem Hunger By Gunilla Norris  in Becoming Bread

My hunger is life hungering for itself...

It’s a bicycle waiting for a ride,
A sunny day in search of shade
It’s the open road, a cool drink, a caramel candy, a soft place to fall

My hunger is life hungering for itself

A dream of children waving flags
a choir in the Berkshires, a song in an aspen grove
north of Lee Vining, water ferry to an alpine meadow

My hunger is life hungering for itself

Sandalwood soap, smooth skin, a warm hand on my neck
cries in the dark, the scent of you in the morning
an open window and rain

My hunger is life hungering for itself

The touch of moss by a stream
Banyan and redwood, tall stones
Fish and chips, sea spray, otters at play

Life hungering for itself

The finished song, the unwritten poem
The strength of my own two legs and breath for air
Hungry for quiet, laughter, deep waters.

My hunger is life hungering for itself

A new day, cool breeze, horse dust
The color of sunset over a vineyard,
Snow on the beeches
Summer cicada sounds, the distant train

The things that remind me
who I am, and
who I might still be

My hunger is life. Hungering for itself,

A good night sleep
Fried eggs and muskmelon
The distant cadence of the high school marching band

Departures and returns
Prayers before bed
Bowls of blessings
Promise and fulfillment
Hungry still

My whole life is a hunger for life hungering for itself. 

BLR-for the Poplar Grove Muse 9-15-13

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