Monday, September 23, 2013

Points of View

This morning, alone in the house,

moving up the stairs to my room,

I think…

I am the only one of 7 billion humans who is seeing these particular dust motes

dancing in this specific ray of sunlight

streaming across this bamboo floor at the top of these stairs.

I feel the Universe is charging me with seeing this one particular view.

Across the face of the planet, 7 billion of us are looking from corn fields and rice fields, deserts, mountains, forests, cities, war zones, prison cells, sick beds, from boats and ships, from airplanes, from beaches and the sides of volcanoes, opening our eyes for the first time and closing them for the last; we are looking from billions of singular points of view.

Trillions of members of other species are looking out on this world with strange eyes
that see a completely different world than mine.

Now as I watch my hens moving and pecking in the grass

I think…

It has been decades since my back yard has been seen by chickens.

My three hens move through the space of the yard each day,

Looking out of eyes that see more colors than mine.

They are charged with seeing the same world from their particular view.

This Earth is being fully seen.

Veda for the Poplar Grove Muse


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